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TCB will be providing security, crowd management, and related services to the Pendelton  Whisky Music Festival July 13th from 1pm to Midnight. 

We are looking to hire local individuals who would like to work at the Festival.  We have a few requirements.

Over the age of 21

Professional appearance

Must have black slacks, shoes, socks and belt. 

Clean criminal record

Pass a drug test

Provide great customer service

Be willing to make decisions based on crowd safety 

Not be afraid to take action if there is an emergency

Operate a 2-Way Radio

Stand for 12 hours in warm weather.

We will have a manager in your area starting the 10th who will make and appointment with you for screening and a quick orientation. 

To learn more about who we are look under the Event Staffing menu at the top of the page. 

Pay $13.50 Per Hour

Apply Here 

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