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My experience with TCB has been wonderful.  In the time that I have been employed the staff was very welcoming and helpful with their training. It has always been an extremely professional environment, and the support from supervisors and staff has always been phenomenal.  Though the work can be a bit "rough" at times, it is clear how much hard work is valued among everyone as a team. I would compare TCB to a vacation you get paid to go to. Really great company to work for.

     A. Rodriguez

This is a very well run company with technology today they're up on everything. They communicate excellent, they're training is very good. The people they hire are honest, honorable, hardworking people. The experience that I've had has been very good, no one's perfect but this company is very well run. They are growing quickly. They're technology skills are excellent they're communication skills again are very good they try to find you work if you want more work, if you want less work that's okay. Again my experience with other companies and my own company over years and years, this company gets it. No passing the buck the buck stops with them no one blames someone else. The events that they run seem to be very well coordinated and thought out. There's got to be a lot of hard work behind the scenes.

     K. Lathamn

I have worked for TCB for over 20 years, I have stayed with TCB for so long for one very simple reason.  Family.  Yes, it's hard work with long hours and a fair amount of dedication.  But the people you get to work with...cream of the crop. We do our jobs and we have a lot of fun doing it.  TCB is a FAMILY. People you can count on on and off the job. -W. Robeson

Honestly I don’t even know where to begin with this, but let’s start with “thank you”! Getting this job has been a huge blessing as a high schooler because it’s by far the most flexible job in the planet. It’s awesome that you get to choose when you work but what makes it even better is the people. I have always hated working with negative people and so far at all the events I have worked at everyone and I mean everyone is crazy and fun and enjoyable to work along side. I can’t wait to move up the ranks and get to experience everything this company has to offer because every job is a new opportunity with new people and well who knows what could happen!! 

N. Moan

TCB is more than just event staff and security. It’s a company that creates memories, you pick what events you want to work. Anything from concerts to food festivals you choose it. Giving you the best of both worlds, making sure everyone is safe and also having fun. 

C. Landrum

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