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Who is Event Pros NW?

Event Pros NW, a division of TCB Management Group  is an industry leader in Event Staffing & Security.  We are not your "typical" staffing company who is focused on quantity before quality, in fact we prefer to stay a mid size provider, so we can maintain the quality that we are respected for.


At Event Pros NW we recognize that YOU are our biggest asset and we value the contributions you make to our mutual success.   We seek team members who want to grow with our company and who add value to our overall success.  Event Pros is often called a family because we care about each of our team members and respect their individuality. 


Event Pros NW is an excellent choice for those who enjoy providing excellent customer service and who like to help create a fun and safe environment for event goers.   If you are looking for occasional work that allows you to self schedule and choose when and where you work, this may be just the fit!

Come learn what it means to be a  "Partner in Excellence

Call us to learn more at 541-574-2820

"Partners in Excellence"

A variety of work opportunities:

  • Event Security

  • Ticket Sellers & Takers

  • Alcohol Monitors

  • Parking Staff

  • Ushers

  • Guest Services

  • Bag Checkers

  • & More...

Benefits to joining out team:

  • Above Industry Standard Wages

  • Work All Over The State

  • Hotels When You Travel

  • Get To Attend Fun Events

  • Flexible Hours

  • Self Scheduling

  • Bonuses 

  • Employee Events

  • College Tuition Discount for you and your family. 


What do our employees say about working with us?

I am honored to tell you about my experience working with the TCB Event Staff Team. Although I would call it more of a family.


This is my third year working with them. I have found out that they are dedicated to top notch service and they also give you many opportunities for personal growth and development. Between the Management and trainers they have many levels of training for your needed certifications. From First Aid, CPR, to OLCC and Dpsst training to crowd control.


Plus the events we work are alot of fun from Monster truck shows, to rodeos, sporting events, and concerts it gives you a wide variety of things to see and hear.


If you like the the freedom to schedule your time and also give you the chance to see alot of different areas this is the place to work.

J. Waver

"This will be my fourth year working for TCB now. TCB is awesome because there's an amazing bond of teamwork, you can connect with your supervisors they're hard workers who are working out there right alongside you, they provide top-notch quality services, and it's also just so thrilling interacting with so many types of people and super satisfying at the end of the day knowing how many people you'v helped. Plus, it's a fun way to earn extra cash over the weekends.

G. Helland

TCB is more than just event staff and security. It’s a company that creates memories, you pick what events you want to work. Anything from concerts to food festivals you choose it. Giving you the best of both worlds, making sure everyone is safe and also having fun.

C. Landrom

My experience with TCB has been wonderful.  In the time that I have been employed the staff was very welcoming and helpful with their training. It has always been an extremely professional environment, and the support from supervisors and staff has always been phenomenal.  Though the work can be a bit "rough" at times, it is clear how much hard work is valued among everyone as a team. I would compare TCB to a vacation you get paid to go to. Really great company to work for.

A. Rodregez

 Honestly I don’t even know where to begin with this, but let’s start with “thank you”! Getting this job has been a huge blessing as a high schooler because it’s by far the most flexible job in the planet. It’s awesome that you get to choose when you work but what makes it even better is the people. I have always hated working with negative people and so far at all the events I have worked at everyone and I mean everyone is crazy and fun and enjoyable to work along side. I can’t wait to move up the ranks and get to experience everything this company has to offer because every job is a new opportunity with new people and well who knows what could happen!! 

N. Moan

It's a great feeling to help keep our community events safe while seeing 
a little of some great events. Scheduling your own hours is a huge plus.

T. Geer

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