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Oregon State Fair

Hiring for the 2023 Fair!

In 2023 the Oregon State Fair contracted with Event Pros NW (TCB) to provide all the staffing required to run admission at the gates and in the parking lots for the annual State Fair.  Our company provides these types of services across the Northwest at fairs, festivals and sporting events year-round.  We are excited that there are so many great employees who have worked at this event in the past and we would love for you to consider joining our team for the 2023 event. 

What can I expect if I work at the fair?

Most of the day to day operation will be much like you have seen in the past, but there will be a few changes to let you know about up front so you can ensure this will be a great partnership.

1- Pay Rates - we do pay higher wages than the State Fair did in the past. 

     Ticket Seller - Gate $17.25

     Ticket Taker - Gate $16.50

     Parking Seller - Parking - $17.00

     Lead - Assistant Gate Captain - $19.50

     Gate Capitan - $20.25

     Runners & Office Staff - $19.50

2 - You will be required to complete our hiring and onboarding process, this will include an online application, virtual interview, electronic HR paperwork, and a background check. 

3 - We will have longer shifts in some areas than in past years, an average shift may be 8 to 12 hour.

4 - We pay overtime for any hours worked greater than 40 in our work week (Friday - Thursday)

5 - You will get to self-schedule; you are provided a phone app or online site where you can see available shifts and you can self-schedule for those shifts. 

6 - If you should choose, you are welcome to stay on with our company and work at other events in the area that you should choose.  We even provide hotels when you travel with us.  We do provide year round parking services to events at the State Fairgrounds as well, so we have work close to home.

Let’s Work Together

If you have any questions, please call our recruiting office at 541-574-2820

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